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Nossas Publicações

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DNA barcoding and phylogeny in neotropical species of the genus Spondias

image 2

Expression profiles of sugarcane under drought conditions: Variation in gene regulation

image 3

Genetic diversity of the main progenitors of sugarcane from the RIDESA germplasm bank using SSR markers

image 4

Genetic similarity among genotypes of sugarcane estimated by SSR and coefficient of parentage

image 5

Differential detection of transposable elements between Saccharum species

image 6

Efficiency of biparental crossing in sugarcane analyzed by SSR markers

image 7

DNA fingerprinting based on simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers in sugarcane clones from the breeding program RIDESA

image 8

New Polymorphic EST-SSR Markers in Sugarcane


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